Chapter 4 (Kinney) - Ch. 4 Alcohol Dependence Definitions o...

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Ch. 4 Alcohol Dependence Definitions o Early Definitions § Much variation § Focus on different aspects o Toward Uniformity in Terminology § International Classification Diseases, WHO, 1977 § Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, APA, 1980 § Definition by American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) - A primary, chronic disease with genetic psychological and environmental factors - Progressive and fatal - Characterized by impaired control over drinking - Preoccupation despite adverse consequences A Disease? o Implications of disease classification § Dictates attitudes § Identifies caregivers § Reduces stigma § Move from punishment to treatment o Management of chronic disease § Treatment of acute flare-ups § Emotional support § Patient education § Rehabilitation to live with limitations § Family involvement § Partnership of physician and patient Natural History o Natural history a la EM Jellinek § Natural history is how a disease unfolds § EM Jellinek was the first to describe natural history of alcoholism § Based on survey of 2,000 early AA members § Identified a pattern in emergence of symptoms § Grouped sygns/symptoms into phases o Jellinek's phases of alcoholism § Pre-alcoholic phase - Socially motivated drinking - Response to alcohol “primes” drinker
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- Alcohol offers psychological relief or release of tension - Person seeks occasions where drinking is possible - Drinking behavior does not stand out - Time: several months to 2+ years § Prodomal phase
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Chapter 4 (Kinney) - Ch. 4 Alcohol Dependence Definitions o...

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