Chapter 1 (Papalia) - Chapter 1 Studying a Child's World...

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Chapter 1: Studying a Child's World FOCUS: Victor, the Wild boy of Aveyron o a feral child § nature vs. nurture § taught by Itard § progress in speech, communication emotions § never learned to speak § first systemic attempt to study child development I. The Study of Child Development: Then and Now o child development § Processes of change and stability from conception through adolescence § change § quantitative change § continuous § in number or amount § height, weight, size, vocabulary § qualitative change § discontinuous § in kind, structure, organization § from nonverbal to verbal communication § stability § constancy in personality and behavior o Early approaches § Tiedemann baby biographies since 1787 forerunner of child development § Darwin’s journal (1877) gave baby biographies scientific respectability § Hall (1904) pioneered adolescence studies § Gesell (1930’s) studied child motor development 1. Developmental psychology becomes a science -89. end of the 19th century § lower infant mortality § early 20th century § distinction to adolescence § developmental science § interdisciplinary
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§ Psychology, sociology, anthropology, biology, history, etc. § Studying the life span § child development is a part of human development § all aspects of human development from conception to death § growth and development occur throughout the life span § aspects of adult development impact the development of their children § New frontiers § Basic research : intellectual inquiries § Applied research: practical problems § reflection of the changing cultural and technological context § little distinction between basic research and applied
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Chapter 1 (Papalia) - Chapter 1 Studying a Child's World...

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