Chapter 7 (Santrock) - Chapter 7 Moral Development, Values,...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Moral Development, Values, and Religion I. DOMAINS OF MORAL DEVELOPMENT A. Moral Thought o Moral Development § Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors regarding standards of right and wrong § How adolescents think about right and wrong o Kohlberg's Stages § Kohlberg’s moral thought- Moral development based on moral reasoning § Internalization- The developmental change from behavior that is externally controlled to behavior that is controlled by internal standards and principles § Kohlberg's Level 1: Preconventional Reasoning - Lowest level- No internalization of moral values- controlled by external rewards and punishment- Stage 1: Heteronomous morality- Moral thinking is often tied to punishment- Stage 2: Individualism, instrumental purpose, and exchange- Individuals pursue their own interests but also let others do the same § Kohlberg's Level 2: Conventional Reasoning - intermediate internalization- Individuals abide by certain standards (internal), but they are the standards of others (external), such as parents or the laws of society- Stage 3: Moral interpersonal expectations, relationships, and interpersonal conformity- Individuals value trust, caring, and loyalty to others- Stage 4: Social systems morality- Understanding the social order, law, justice, and duty § Kohlberg's Level 3: Postconventional Reasoning- The highest level- Morality is completely internalized and not based on the standards of others- Personal moral code- Stage 5: Social contract or utility and individual rights- Values, rights, and principles transcend the law- Stage 6: Universal ethical principles- Highest stage- A moral standard based on universal human rights o Influences on the Kohlberg Stages § Cognitive development § Exposure to appropriate social experiences § Peer interaction...
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Chapter 7 (Santrock) - Chapter 7 Moral Development, Values,...

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