Chapter 8 (Santrock) - Chapter 8 Families I FAMILY...

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Chapter 8 Families I. FAMILY PROCESSES A. Reciprocal Socialization and the Family as a System § Reciprocal Socialization - The process by which children and adolescents socialize parents, just as parents socialize them § Family as a System - Subsystems defined by generation, gender, and role § Marital Relationships and Parenting - Link between marital satisfaction and good parenting - Marital relationship as a support for parenting B. The Developmental Construction of Relationships § developmental construction views - as individuals grow up, they acquire modes of relating to others - The Continuity View - the role of early parent-child relationships in constructing a basic way of relating to people throughout the life span - The Discontinuity View - change and growth in relationships over time C. Maturation § Adolescent Changes - Puberty - Logical reasoning and idealism - Violated expectations - Changes in schooling - Peers, friendships, dating - Increased independence § Parental Changes - Marital satisfaction - Economic burdens - Career reevaluation - Time perspective - Health and body concerns II. ADOLESCENTS AND EMERGING ADULTS' RELATIONSHIPS WITH PARENTS A. Parents as Managers § Adolescents’ opportunities § Social relationships - Social initiators and arrangers § Mothers more than fathers B. Parenting Styles (Diana Baumrind) § authoritarian parenting - restrictive, punitive style
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- to respect work and effort. - firm limits and controls - little verbal exchange - associated with adolescents' socially incompetent behavior § authoritative parenting - encourages independence - certain limits and controls - Extensive verbal give-and-take
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Chapter 8 (Santrock) - Chapter 8 Families I FAMILY...

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