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Emotional Neglect and Family Structure: Impact on Student Functioning. Child Abuse and Neglect, 27, 1033-1043. Wark, Kruczek, and Boley (2003) hypothesized that the individuals reporting a childhood experience of emotional neglect by parents will display psychological distress, have low family cohesion and adaptability. To test this hypothesis, they analyzed 69 female and 22 male college students from a public university in the Midwest. The participants were scored by the Parental Bonding Instrument (PBI), the Family Cohesion and Adaptability Scale II (FACES-II), and the SCL-90-R, which composited 90 self-report measure to rate psychological symptoms. Wark, Kruczek, and Boley (2003) concluded that the emotional neglect was associated with lower family cohesion and adaptability. The family relationships were characterized by rigid structure,
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Unformatted text preview: avoidance, and disengagement. Also failing to connect emotionally with caregivers is linked to having negative impact on psychological functioning in the long term. Many students reported social isolation, poor adjustment in school, and depression. The researchers recommended a more in-depth study on the effects of duration and frequency left in the care of others on attachment. Participants reported higher levels of current psychological distress when they experienced emotional neglect by a female caregiver than a male caregiver, and the study suggested further research on potential caregiver gender effects and children’s expectations due to the gender role stereotypes....
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