Week 8 - DQ 2 - If America continues to accept immigrants...

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The thing to consider here is who exactly are “Pacific Islanders” and “Asian Americans”. Are these two special groups of people whom are widely different than any other human being or are they, simply put, another human ethnicity? Personally, I believe that the issue stemming from these cultures is the fact that they have each been ridiculed and chastised throughout history. If I were to explain in laments terms how the subject questions are misconceptions I would simply state the following: “Look back through history, most recently the enslavement of blacks; were they not thought of us unintelligent and inhuman?”
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Unformatted text preview: If America continues to accept immigrants in the manner that it does, it is most likely inevitable that we will all come together; essentially accepted as one group of people. I believe that I am correct due to a few reasons. Chiefly speaking, America is the melting pot of the world. All varieties of life thrive here and have been given numerous opportunities to thrive. By 2050, I predict that many ethnicities will pool together, ultimately allowing for limitless job opportunities and community benefits....
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