Subordinate Groups Journal Entry

Subordinate Groups Journal Entry - Good evening and hello...

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Good evening and hello, my name is Aaron Matsuda. I have joined you this evening for conversation regarding subordinate groups. Allow me to tell you a little about myself. In 1923, a man named Jonah Matsuda decided to follow through with a life altering event. After careful planning, this man (whom if you have not thought it yet; would eventually become my father) decided to migrate to the United States. He moved from the quaint city of Osaka, Japan. Upon arrival, my father set up his tailoring business in San Francisco’s west-side. It was here that he eventually met and married my mother, Samantha Bender. She was of American decent. In 1929, they bought a small house near my father’s shop. I was born four years later as a Japanese-American boy. Life was pleasant for my parents and me up until 1941. It was on December 7 of this year that our lives were changed forever. I can still hear President Roosevelt’s voice on the radio; issuing Executive Order 9066. This was the act that changed Japanese-Americans lives forever. This order stated that the military was allowed to circumvent the constitutional safeguards of American citizens in the name of national defense. Essentially speaking, 120,000 peoples of Japanese Ancestry were
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Subordinate Groups Journal Entry - Good evening and hello...

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