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CheckPoint: Modern Challenges in Immigration The ethnic group that I chose is Hispanics. It seems that in modern America, this particular group of individuals gets the worst wrap. I blame this in part, on the U.S/Mexico border. With the strict laws and ever tightening security, it is no wonder that so many immigrants are shunned by the public eye. Truthfully, no immigrant (unless specified under extremely tight conditions; e.g. genocide, dangerous oppression) should ever be favored when moving to the United States. Each migrant should have the exact same rights and opportunities as the first, and last in line. In Mexico, living conditions are much worse than in our own country. Harsh situations lay way to drastic actions. In Mexico, these actions are usually expressed (more often than not) as illegal immigration. Sadly, many of these migrants do not have the financial or educational means to obtain all
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Unformatted text preview: of the appropriate qualifications toward becoming a legal US citizen. One could argue that between the legal requests, educational requirements, and financial necessities asked of a “would-be” US Citizen; it is possibly wiser to risk your life sneaking across the border than to play by the rules. In the end, something of a paradox occurs in the United States. While we openly bash immigrants, we seem to forget that there are much worse people that live here legally. Millions of dollars are spent each year to fund cheap housing for those that are unwilling to make something out of their lives. We feed, clothe, and entertain these people. In a perfect act of double-edged fate, it is usually the immigrant that wants to succeed. Ultimately, the United States advertises itself as the “land of opportunity”. Maybe we should start to act on those words....
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