Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Essay

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Essay - Ethnic Groups and...

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Nureyev Haas ETH-125
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My bloodline lies deep in the roots of Poland. I am considered a Polish-American by descent but do not share the same ethnic beliefs as my relatives overseas. I would say that this is due in part to my upbringing. Though I was around Polish individuals most of my childhood, they were usually second or third generation citizens. Many of them had lost touch with their origins, and overtime, became Americanized. In retrospect, I myself am Americanized. This is something that one cannot fully stop. If you live in the United States, there are certain systems that govern how you live. For example: In Poland, people still shop on a daily basis for the food and drink that they (and their family) will be consuming for the day. They visit markets filled with fresh product and only purchase the amount required. In the United States this particular situation is very different. We live on a system of “super sales” and “three day bargain blowouts”. As a whole, our society is trained to purchase mass quantities of product without thinking about how much we actually need. This in turn, leads to an over-abundance of resources. I can tell you from firsthand accounts, it is not often that my grandmother (a Polish citizen) throws out anything. Americanization stems from our education system as well. It seems that in this country,
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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Essay - Ethnic Groups and...

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