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Week 7 - DQ 2 - over the web Websites that use this variety...

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In today’s digital world there are many varieties of E-commerce. Some of these companies make money by selling product, others by hosting files. One of the most popular websites is Ebay. This company makes money as an online marketplace. [It] is most memorable for its implementation of an online auction system. Closely related to the online marketplace is the virtual storefront. These businesses make money by selling products directly to consumers. Companies such as Amazon and RedEnvelope are examples of this. The next variety of E-commerce is information and transaction brokers. Info brokers make a profit by providing product pricing and availability to consumers. These websites usually make money by use of advertisements. Transaction brokers make money by processing online sales. A surcharge is added for each sale made. Companies that take advantage of this type of E-commerce are E*Trade and Expedia. There is also money in content provision. Digital music, pictures, news, and video can all be sold
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Unformatted text preview: over the web. Websites that use this variety of E-commerce are Itunes.com and WSJ.com. Over the past decade, social networking has worked its way into the very fabric of society. Myspace, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all examples of social networks. They make a profit by instating advertisements, subscriptions, and premium services. Related to the social networking scene is the service providing websites. These are places that provide user-generated video, pictures, and data. Youtube and Google Maps use this technology. Lastly, there are the portals. These are websites that provide a gateway to information on the internet. MSN, Yahoo, Google, and StarMedia are all examples of a portal page. Overall, everybody has benefited from this “E-revolution”. Business-to-business auction companies (such as GoIndustry) have emerged because of it, and this has allowed companies to buy and sell products at prices never before imagined....
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