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Week 2 - DQ 2 - and is much less structured than an MIS One...

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MIS is short-hand for Management Information Systems. The letters DSS stand for Decision Support Systems. Each of these systems serves a different (yet similar) role in a company. A Management Information System is the line of communication between…you guessed it, management (and other various entities there-in). The main goal of an MIS is to operate a company efficiently. The people involved with an MIS make basic decisions, and follow a set number of rules. In retail, a department manager is an example of somebody like this. According to most people, a DSS is an upgrade to an MIS. It is designed to allow broad thinking,
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Unformatted text preview: and is much less structured than an MIS. One could say that a Decision Support System is built to help a company: “Do the right thing”. A DSS gives higher level management (such as executives) the ability to view reports, and appropriately alter particular information that would otherwise go unnoticed. A DSS is built to be user-friendly. Executives may not spend their entire day at a desk looking at reports, so the information that is mined in a DSS is usually simple to access and understand....
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