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An enterprise system integrates a company’s sales, production quota, finances, human resources and/or logistics into an individual software system. This system distributes the available information throughout the entire company and helps improve a variety of functions. The benefits previously mentioned include but are not limited to: better company efficiency, improved decision making, greater system-wide coordination, faster customer inquiry responses, and an overall enhancement of company productivity. This system is not without its imperfections and there are challenges presented when using an
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Unformatted text preview: enterprise outline. Specifically speaking, one of these challenges stands out the most. That is, the difficulty of processing such a massive amount of information. The quantity of energy and processing power that is required to successfully form and process this data is quite boggling. In the end, an organization would create this type of system in order to provoke better research, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance company functionality. Without an enterprise system, large companies would most likely fall apart over time....
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  • Spring '09
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  • Better, software system, greater system-wide coordination, faster customer inquiry, better company efficiency

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