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In the most basic terms, an information system is a set of components that work together in order to retrieve, process, store, and distribute information. This type of system works by mining data, and then compiling this data into useable information. This information is usually fashioned in regards to significant people, places, and things within an organization or related environment. The people element of an “IS” (information system) controls how the information compiled from the mined data will be used. They are known as “users” and are crucial to the entire information system
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Unformatted text preview: process. Once people give the information a purpose, it is funneled into technologies which are relevant to the way it will be used. For example: sales statistics of a supermarket are compiled into C.G.O (computer generated ordering) software(s). Organizations are the proverbial “middle men” between the people and technology elements. These organizations are divided into different categories and decide what purpose the information will have. An example of this is as follows: A broker such as E-Trade requests information mined on the stock market....
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