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Dirt Bikes Essay - Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes In a...

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Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes In a situation such as this, initial company analysis can be incredibly difficult. There is very little information provided about the company “Dirt Bikes”. The only data given explains that the business is concerned about how money is being spent on communication; inside and outside of the company. It also dips into the subject(s) of Dirt Bikes desire to obtain information about global finances and recent motorcycle news. It is stated that each employee has internet access at his/her desktop. The most important upgrade Dirt Bikes should consider is the implementation of an intranet; preferably one that supports wireless equipment. This technology can significantly improve the company’s communication skills. An intranet can also help utilize a management information system to its fullest extent. To start off, all of the employee desktop computers should be linked to a local area network (LAN) that implements management information system software (MIS). This technology will help compile, keep track of, and synchronize, important company data. This information can then be accessed by employees and management (with access restrictions in place). For example: Dirt Bikes can monitor how much of any type of bike is available in their store(s). If a client wants a ride that is unavailable at store #1, the company can quickly check every other store for immediate product transfer. Human resources would benefit from this technology as well. With LAN based communication, “HR” workers can “drag and drop” files from one computer to another, instantly. This would allow for an overall faster response time in regard to all lines of human resource work.
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MIS software can also aid in storing clientele data. All information from previous, current, and future clients can be stored and made accessible for multiple purposes. For example, this
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