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Capstone - I would have to say that chapter 12 of week five...

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I would have to say that chapter 12 of week five is my favorite section. This entire chapter is devoted to the social, political, and ethical issues of information systems. Understanding these three subjects is one of the most important things an IT student could do. They are all inter-connected in some way and without one another, business models would fall apart. We will start this discussion with definitions. First in line is ethics. Ethics refers to the principles of right and wrong in an individual. Bad ethical judgments can lead to disastrous consequences. Next up is social issues. This subject usually pertains to how society responds to ethical situations. A bad ethical situation (such as the BP oil spill) can lead to a negative social response. To wrap it all up there is the political connection. Politics is like a twisted version of social issues. [It] deals with similar problems but on a more refined and intricate scale. The most important thing to understand about politics is that they can sway the favor
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