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Week 9 - Capstone Checkpoint

Week 9 - Capstone Checkpoint - helpful when detecting...

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In regards to reading, I have learned a variety of methods involved when comprehending, analyzing, and picking apart information. In part to these skills, I find myself questioning what I read and observe more often. Critical thinking has improved my overall writing performance. I am better skilled at organizing and developing my work. In retrospect, this has declined my random; if not completely unrelated thoughts. Processing information is now a detailed procedure. I take note of important thoughts and facts, and then implement them into the task at hand. When reading an article, I examine chunks of information. I interpret these “chunks” individually; eventually forming my interpretation of the writing. This can be
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Unformatted text preview: helpful when detecting slander. Advertisements are now critically examined. I enjoy determining the method used to push the sale. This increases my chances of spotting bogus products. Media is now tested in my mind. Recently I have enjoyed watching reality television shows, spotting clips that I believe are set up. Though not really helpful, critical thinking has promoted this skill. My conversations have improved tenfold. I have learned to understand thoughts from “both sides of the fence”. This provides major advantages in all aspects of life....
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