Week 6 - DQ 2 - cookie monster. There is no admittance to...

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This particular example is a deductive argument. It is deductive because the daughter came up with a reasonable answer for not being the culprit. Even though her response does not appear to be sound; it certainly passes as a valid statement. In regards to a premise, there is one: “I do not have dirty hands; therefore I did not eat the cookies”. In the end, the child wants the parent to believe that they are not the proverbial
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Unformatted text preview: cookie monster. There is no admittance to eating the cookies, just a sub-standard excuse for [them] not being there. As someone whom has watched children over the years, I find this argument rather unconvincing. These types of excuses come hand over fist as kids grow up, and it is usually easy to tell whether or not the run around is being brought into play....
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