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An example of a prejudice rhetorical  explanation  can be found in the form of  “inflammatory words”. These are typically used when somebody wishes to instill anger in a  person as to sway their opinion (e.g. “blind anger”). The following is an example: “That child is  stupid; I bet he is retarded”.  In order to avoid this prejudice it is important for the writer to be considerate toward  every party involved. By stating: “That child seems slow; he should be checked for mental 
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Unformatted text preview: handicaps the negative aspects are removed and the comment maintains political correctness. A prejudice rhetorical definition can be exemplified in many ways, for instance: Trucks burn a lot of gas because the drivers have lead feet. In order to preserve appropriate rhetoric in this statement, the example should be as follows: Trucks burn more gas because the drivers are required to accelerate more often....
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