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Week 2 - DQ 2 - 50/50 card While it provides the rules for...

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There is a back and forth motion when it comes to the vagueness of these italicized words. Some statements are appropriate for the situation at hand, others are not. The first area of interest is “ should be ”. The way I interpret this is phrase is: “type your paper”. The phrase is appropriate for the setting and should be easily understood. The second set of italics is perfectly stated without any vagueness. The third set is a little different than the second. While it states what to do perfectly, it does not provide specific methods that one should use to “ make use of ” the “ sources ”. Does this mean search the internet or scour a library? We just do not know! The section on grading (organization, use of sources, clarity of expression, etc…) pulls a
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Unformatted text preview: 50/50 card. While it provides the rules for the paper being written, none of the statements describe the regulations. Which types of sources to use, how to organize the paper, and the level of “ quality ” desired; all escape the would-be writer. The final section appears to be written okay. All students should know the definition of a rough draft and saying that it is due “before Thanksgiving” means that the student(s) have from now until then to submit it. My only qualm is with the final version statement. Every paper I have ever written has had a final date of submission. The phrase “at the end of the semester” just seems inappropriate for a teacher to write....
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