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Week 9 - Capstone CheckPoint

Week 9 - Capstone CheckPoint - of the Center for Writing...

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It is a fantastic feeling to finally finish a research paper. There is a lot of time and patience put into the project and when you can sit back and read the final results with a smile it does the mind good. If you are a new student to COM-220, I have just a few suggestions. First off, the three basic rules: Read, Analyze, Understand. If you go head-on into all of your projects with this mentality, you will have much better chances of being successful. Next, if you are confused, ask questions! There are plenty of classmates whom can lend you a hand; let alone your professor! Please take advantage of the environment around you; it pays back in spades. If I had the chance to restart COM-220, I would most definitely take better advantage
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Unformatted text preview: of the Center for Writing Excellence. Even though I used this portion of the school, I never took advantage of the tutorials and guides. There are boundless ideas and suggestions hosted within [these]. On the subject of “restarting” class, I would probably focus more on the reading aspect. I felt that if I knew the material, I could bypass the entire chapter. This was not always the case! In regards to focusing less, I do not think that anything I did warranted less focus. In the end; I budgeted my time, did my school work, and posted helpful conversation pieces throughout class. In the end, this was what needed to get done!...
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