Week 8 - Research Paper Revision

Week 8 - Research Paper Revision - formulate the statement...

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My professor gave me some excellent tips for finishing this paper with an A. Two major pieces of advice which I am following is: “better support your statements” and “cite more sources”. Though I believe that my essay is appropriate for a rough draft, it does not quite make the cut as a final report. By following these two simple recommendations I am on a better path. The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) provided some thoughtful, yet occasionally unnecessary tips. That which I will be taking advantage of is its sentence structure advice. There are a few statements in my rough draft which are written oddly. The CWE suggested a variety of ways to play with these words in order to better
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Unformatted text preview: formulate the statement. My peer review has yet to be posted so I am unable to comment on this yet. I am sure that I will be utilizing something from it though! Feedback which I will not be using is from the CWE. It had told me in a few instances that I was using improper and/or too many words. I disagree with most of these responses in part to the method that I write. I know that I usually do not drag a subject on; therefore I have no reason to remove these “filler” words. In regards to improper word usage, I researched the areas that it said I was wrong, and the selections came to be no more than false positives....
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