Week 8 - DQ 2 - my own thoughts and/or beliefs For example...

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First and foremost, when revising one of my papers, I review each paragraph; checking for grammatical errors and odd sounding sentences. After modifying what I deem proper, I run the paper through the plagiarism checker. By doing this, I gain a boost of confidence in knowing that my paper is truly one of a kind. Once these two procedures are done, I check for feedback; either from my instructor or peers. I know to accept feedback from another source when [their] suggestion(s) coincide with
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Unformatted text preview: my own thoughts and/or beliefs. For example, when somebody recommends changing a particular sentences structure; one (upon review) usually finds that the suggestion is appropriate in nature. Feedback is valuable because it provides outside thoughts and opinions on my own work. Sometimes, as the writer, I am not able to spot all of my errors. When a paper is read from another person’s viewpoint, the paper is “fresh”, and previously unseen errors can be spotted....
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