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It seems reasonably obvious to me that a full sentence outline is more beneficial than a  topic outline; if not simply for the fact that they provide more detailed information (than a topic  outline). Even though both of them are informative, if [you] are seeking a detailed; step-by-step  outline of an essay, full sentence is the way to go. If rushing to write about something (say a  newspaper article), then a topic outline is appropriate to use.  Depending on the person writing, creating a full sentence outline may or may not be 
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Unformatted text preview: beneficial. In my case, I find it easier just to dive into my work and modify it as I go. Even though I will spend a large portion of time correcting and changing the paper, I find it more interesting and less of a pain than creating the outline. Taking the outline of my paper and turning it into a final project will be somewhat easy. I will have to fill in details and form the “overall” idea (of my topic), but by using the outline as a base for writing, the hard work will already be done....
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