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Week 6 - DQ 1 - known facts and personal beliefs The...

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The introduction will begin with a  story . It will briefly explain the colonization of America;  and the deeper, more informative purpose of my writings. The introduction is essential for it will captivate the reader. My goal is to make this report  an adventure into the unexplored.  My thesis ( “America is an overbearing society molded from revolution.”) will be argued (and countered) by use of compelling firsthand accounts, well and lesser-
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Unformatted text preview: known facts, and personal beliefs. The conclusion will be comprised of an open-end question . The purpose of this essay is to provide a fun and interesting discussion on: “America the great; and deep, dark seeds that [it] may (or may not) have been sewn”. By using this variety of conclusion, it makes the discussion that much less bias....
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