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Week 4 - DQ 2 - Simon takes care to add statistics to his...

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When organizing his information, Simon takes important steps to make sure that the arguments for and against his beliefs can be individually heard. By doing so, it has enabled him to disclose information (on the issue) in an unbiased; fair-to-do way. The first step consists of disclosing China’s problem at hand (economic unrest). He then takes care to display arguments from individuals that feel that China is failing; followed by those whom believe it is all just part of the way the country operates.
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Unformatted text preview: Simon takes care to add statistics to his article. The very thesis statement itself contains one: “… electricity production falling 4% in October…” Though there is no use of graphs, there is an illustration used. This image provides a dramatic backdrop to the story, and plays into the readers emotions. In the end, the article displays itself as a well written and highly interesting read. The sides that are presented are well discussed, and prove to be quite informative....
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