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Week 2 - DQ 2 - section “needs additional citations for...

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There are varying degrees of honesty when it comes to information sources. Unfortunately, any location that houses information is prone to errors. The most legit of these sources is the University Library Article. Even if you cast aside the fact that this article is from a school library, it undoubtedly provides specific facts and details. It even states that the article was peer reviewed and examined for bias. Wiki pages should be avoided. Though the articles on them may be true, the fact that anybody can edit these pages leaves them open to corruption. This particular wiki page states at the top that the
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Unformatted text preview: section “needs additional citations for article verification”. The blog is a nice read but does not necessarily tell the truth. The entire concept of a blog is that any body can post any thought about any thing. Even if the information seems honest, the only way to use it with credibility would be to provide a number of professional; external sources. The article on the Bridgeport website, while providing references and seemingly truthful information; has a serious fault. The author is clearly biased toward the death penalty. Regrettably, this eliminates the author’s reliability as a whole....
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