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When seeking out topics of interest I use a variety of resources. The internet and newspapers are among these. Personally, my favorite resource to obtain information is educational magazines. For example, I am interested in science and space; and so, have subscribed to Discovery magazine. I know that this source is reliable because the individuals interviewed are all prestigious educators or informants. Furthermore, the writers that publish the stories are intelligent. They go the extra mile to make sure that their articles are accurate (in the
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Unformatted text preview: event that there is an error, the next edition corrects the problem). Almost every article explains multiple sides to a story, and provides mainstream; as well as abstract, unbiased ideas and theories. I will not jump up and say that I strictly adhere to these types of publications though. In all honesty, some of the best readings I have done are found on the “back alley, bottom of the barrel” type of websites. Though not always reliable, these places tend to say what they feel is right and that is not always what the public wants to hear....
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