Checkpoint - Developing a Thesis Statement

Checkpoint - Developing a Thesis Statement - Columbus...

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“America is an overbearing society which has forgotten its roots.” This thesis statement will be supported in a variety of ways. The first and foremost (of these ways) being our harsh, rather “helter-skelter” upbringing. I believe one could say that the original American was a teeth gritting pioneer; already looking for adventure, and a new home to call his own. This claim will be countered using a variety of firsthand accounts from British Loyalists. These claims will categorize the “New World” adventurers as no more than an unorganized gang of erratic’s (such as
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Unformatted text preview: Columbus). Another way this thesis will be supported is through modern day events. America is now colonizing a variety of other countries; much like Britain had done a couple of hundred years earlier. Though these events may be “for the better” who is to say that others will not rebel against us. Is the vicious cycle repeating? Will today’s technologies create bigger problems or will they keep the situation sewn shut. All of these questions and more will be answered when the discussion of America’s colonization comes to life....
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