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Week 1 - DQ 2 - 1 8 3*6 2 11*6 3 = 66 See wrong answer Now...

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This question takes me back in time a bit. I remember reviewing this information in one of my earlier math classes. If I remember correctly, there was an acronym for this “order of operations”: P (arenthesis). E (exponents). M (ultiplication). D (ivision). A (ddition). S (ubtraction). For some reason I was taught to remember the saying as “purple elephants marching down the street”….Oh well, that’s for another time. The reason that one should follow this order instead of solving “left to right” is quite simple; it will come out correct! The basic method of “left to right” for this type of mathematics does not work. There are too many question variables for the rules of arithmetic to follow through. I will provide an example: 4*2+3*6 If solving using the basic “left to right” method the solution would appear as follows:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. 8+3*6 2. 11*6 3. = 66 See, wrong answer! Now, if you were to follow the order of operations, this is the result: 1. 8+3*6 2. 8+18 3. = 26 We came out with two completely different answers, the second of which is correct. Now, I will take care to educate us a little bit on the reality of PEMDAS. A few years ago I remember asking myself: “Self, why is it that we have to follow this order? Why are other answers wrong?” Well guys, first we have to go back in time…way back. You see, at some point in the past, a group of mathematicians decided that the world required a standardized method toward solving this variety of math; if for nothing else, to make communication easier. This gave way to PEMDAS, one of today’s many accepted mathematic notations....
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Week 1 - DQ 2 - 1 8 3*6 2 11*6 3 = 66 See wrong answer Now...

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