Week 2 - Checkpoint (know where you placed doc)

Week 2 - Checkpoint (know where you placed doc) -...

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Checkpoint: Knowing where you placed documents Okay, so let us say that you worked day and night on your most recent science final. Ten pages in, you save the document and decide to hit the sack. All seems well until you wake-up the following day to find that the final is nowhere to be found! As you start cursing yourself for not making note of the files saved location you have an epiphany; “my god” you think, Microsoft Word has blessed me with the ability to find this elusive file! Alright! Word has a built in search ability! Sitting back you remember that this search feature allows you to search for information based on phrases. This is pretty helpful when trying to find something such as a “saved document” or “formatted text”. Hell, Word can even search for information based on key terms (e.g. copy and save). At this point you remember an incredibly more simple method of finding a recently opened document; the
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Unformatted text preview: “File” button! When clicking this button, there are numerous options which become available. Ones that spark your interest are the “ Recent ” and “ Open ” tabs. The recent tab allows you to review the most up-to-date location of many Word documents. The open tab reverts to the “my documents” folder which is the default location of many saved documents. Excellent! Using Words helpful features you have finally found your essay. In a fit of excitement you log on to the internet and create a blog which lists your special tips for avoiding the fate which you yourself had endured: Tip one - “Make a specific folder which is dedicated to the storage of important documents”. Tip two - “Name these documents intelligently, that way the search engine can easily find them”. Tip three - “Never forget where your saved document(s) are stored”!...
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