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Week 1 - DQ 1 - (ctrl v and new document(ctrl n There are...

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In my opinion, keyboard shortcuts are essential toward becoming an efficient computer user. Once an individual learns some of the basic commands (copy, paste, print, save, etc…) they should quickly learn the companion keyboard shortcuts. This will not only speed up the user in regards to time, but will also train him/her as an efficient and more educated soul. In Microsoft Word, there are a wide range of available shortcuts. Some of these commands can be difficult to understand at first, but once understood, the user has opened a gateway of possibilities. Some of the more basic commands that can be truncated are copy (ctrl+c), paste
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Unformatted text preview: (ctrl+v), and new document (ctrl+n). There are also text-based commands such as bold (ctrl+b), italicize (ctrl+i), and underline (ctrl+u). As you can tell, many of the shortcut commands in Word rely on the control key. If I were to introduce a user into the world of shortcuts, I would initially start by making sure the person in question is knowledgeable with a keyboard. After-all, knowing where your hands rest is crucial when typing. I would then go about teaching them the mouse based commands in Word. Finally, the user would be taught how to combine keystrokes; there-by initiating the desired shortcut(s)....
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