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Checkpoint - Formatting Issues

Checkpoint - Formatting Issues - cumbersome as well...

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Checkpoint: Formatting Issues Within Word the ability to add a “canvas” can be a great help when time is of the essence. These canvas’ essentially give the user the ability to add graphics in addition to text, with ease. Picture it if you will, as a “Photoshop extra-lite”. Some business uses of a canvas include the additions of; graphics, text, and typography. These features could be added to a document in order to boost the charm and professionalism of one’s product. Nothing is as perfect as it appears though. If the default layout of a Word document is not changed, the outcome of a paper can change drastically. As the user, you must always remember to save your changes to the default layout. Inserting graphics can be
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Unformatted text preview: cumbersome as well. Thankfully, Word comes with the ability to combat a variety of these pesky issues. On the canvas of a typical word document there is a button that allows one to disable the automatic creation of a drawing (on the canvas). This enables “free-formation” of drawn objects. Word also enables the use of macros. These features are tailored to enhance productivity and reduce down-time. Overall, the features of Word are rather fantastic. By using a combination of “callouts”, “macros”, “canvases”, and styles; you are destined to be successful in your next Word adventure....
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