37 Magnetism&Color

37 Magnetism&Color - Are the names of these...

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1 1 Are the names of these coordination compounds correct? A) yes – confident B) yes – maybe C) no – maybe cis-tetraaquadichlorochromium(III) chloride What is the name of this coordination compound? Write the name of this coordination compound. Is this correct? A) Yes B) No 2 Technology and the Era of Personalized Medicine Provost’s Lecture Series, Monday, April 27, 4 PM Wang Center Lecture Hall 2 David Walt Robinson Professor of Chemistry, Tufts University Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor Stony Brook University PhD Founder of Quanterix Corporation, 2007 Analysis for individual small molecules and proteins in complex biological samples using nano-arrays. Founder of Illumina, Incorporated, 1998 Analysis of DNA, RNA, and proteins using bead-arrays
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2 3 Applications of nanotechnology to medicine 10 -6 m diameter reaction vessels coupled to a fiber optic bundle provides simultaneous analysis for 10 5 molecules disease association, cancer solutions, biomarkers, molecular diagnostics Abstract: Today, cheap and pervasive medical information is transforming medical care and health outcomes. Throughout the ages, every time our ability to measure things has improved, it has led to new scientific discoveries. Over the last 50 years, advances in measurement technologies have resulted in many medical breakthroughs. Recently, scientists and technologists have developed the capability to measure millions of things at once. In addition, we have developed methods for
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37 Magnetism&Color - Are the names of these...

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