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Lab4 Lab Report This Lab Report will include all of the sections below. This lab report covers the Acetylcholinesterase experiment only (Activity 2: Indirect Measurement of Enzymatic Activity of Acetylcholinesterase). Report Sections Point value Cover page (Name, group members, Lab Instructor’s name, section number, date, appropriate title for experiment) minus 5 points if missing Introduction 20 Methods 10 Results (written) 20 Results (tables and figures) 10 Discussion 35 Literature cited 5 Improper language, organizational formatting, grammar, spelling, etc. Points off For help with writing a Lab report, please see your Knisely text on Writing in Biology. This book serves as the standard for the grading of lab reports. Review the following pages or sections in Knisely: 1. Timetable for writing your laboratory report, pages 28 -29.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. A Good sample Laboratory Report , pages 95 -103 ( Correction: The Discussion section begins on page 102, not before Table 1 on page 101. Tables are part of the results section not the discussion section. 3. Biology Lab Report Checklist , pages 92-93 4. Common Laboratory Mistakes that students make, pages 104 – 107. Instructors use these numbers and letters in their grading. 5. Proper Format for Tables (page 39, Figure 4.2) and Figures (page 37, Figure 4.1). 6. Correct Citation Format, page 62. Use the Name-Year (N-Y) System. 7. Correct Internet citations (top of page 60, N-Y system). Although Internet references do not usually count as an acceptable reference, you should know how to correctly cite information from the Web....
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