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Page 1 of 4 Acetylcholine Lab Report Guidelines (Fall 2010) You’re writing this report to learn how to communicate scientific information about an experiment you did in lab. Your results indicate how well you did your experiment, your text indicates how well you understood your experiment, and your report overall indicates how well you can convey this information in an organized standardized format. Plan to include the following information by building your points logically in a series of statements organized into well ordered paragraphs with carefully constructed sentences. Each paragraph should make sense so it helps if you begin with a topic sentence with each subsequent sentence following logically from the previous one. Here are some general guidelines: Introduction – Refer to Knisely pp. 53-54, 92, 96 -97, and p. 56. o Introduce your experiment using some background needed to appreciate or understand the purpose of the experiment. Don’t re-write the textbook or lab manual or re-word the podcast. Use what you need to build your story but focus on the rationale for the experiment itself. If you use outside sources for your background information be sure to cite them in Name-Year format. o The Rationale is the Purpose or Explanation of the nature of the experiment o Hypothesis of expected outcomes. Explain how you plan to test your hypothesis. o
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