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Itasca NMJ Course Schedule, Aug 10 – Aug 14, 2009 Lecturers: Iaizzo, Durfee; Teaching Assistants: Eggen, Bateman, Rolfes, Howard Sunday 5-6 pm, Lecture Welcome to Itasca, Course/space intro (Wessemdorf) Monday 8-10, Lectures Course intro (Iaizzo and Durfee) Lab notebooks (Iaizzo and Durfee) Electronics Basics (Durfee) Oscilloscopes (Durfee) Stimulator (Durfee) 10:15-12, Lab exercises Scope (3.3) Stim (3.4) 1-2, Lectures Amplifiers (Durfee) Membrane impedance (Durfee) Microelectrodes (Durfee) 2-5:30, Lab exercises Amplifier (3.5) Olympus scope (3.6) Model cell, z-check (3.7, 3.8) Microelectrode pull demo (Durfee) Pull electrode, z-check (3.9) 5:30-6, Lab review 7-8:30, Grad Program in Neuroscience Mentoring (Kerrigan) Tuesday 8-10:30, Lectures Resting membrane potentials (Iaizzo) Frog anatomy and dissection (Iaizzo) 10:30-12, Lab exercises Frog dissection (3.10, 3.11) Membrane potential (3.12) 1-2, Lectures Action potentials (Iaizzo) 2-5:30, Lab exercises Membrane potential (continued)
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Unformatted text preview: MEPPs (3.13) Effect of K+ on potential (3.14) 5:30-6, Lab review 7-10, Group social activity, Park tour Wednesday 8-9, Lectures Synapses/NMJ (Iaizzo) 9-12, Lab exercises Stim electrode prep (3.15) Action potential (3.16) 1-3, Lectures Muscle contraction (Iaizzo) Research talk #1 (Force assessment, Iaizzo) 3-5:30, Lab exercises EPP (3.17) Finish effect of K+ on potential (3.14) 5:30-6, Lab review 8-9:30, Guest research lecture (TBA) Title: TBA Thursday 8-9, Lectures Intro to research project (Durfee) Research talk #2 (FES, Durfee) 9-12, Lab exercises Sarcomere length (3.18) Force sensor prep (3.19, 3.20) Muscle tension (3.21) 1-2, Lectures Research proposals (students) 2-6, Research project lab work Instructors afternoon off Friday 8-8:45, Pilot data and plans (students) 8:45-12, Research project lab work Finish 3.1 to 3.21 1-2, Presentation prep 2-3, Lab cleanup 3-5:30, Presentations 5:30-6, Course review and feedback 6, Done!...
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