Week 1 - Week 1 August 23 27 INTRODUCTION Scientific Method...

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Week 1 August 23- 27 INTRODUCTION Scientific Method What is Science? An approach to understanding nature What do scientists do? Make observations Attempt to discern patterns Assume that the future is like the past Scientific Method: (think about the sunrise) Circular process What are the basic steps of the method? 1. Observations 2. Generalizations or Model 3. Predictions or Hypothesis 4. Test What is the outcome of this process? -That test then generates new observations that feed back into model (either observations are consistent with my model or don’t fit with the model and would have to make a new/better model) Goal of the process is to create really good models- not perfect but the best models at the moment and that’s okay -As science progresses the truth progresses The model becomes closer to the truth, the more it is revised, but there is an asymptotic relationship between the model and the truth because there is an assumption that the future will be like the past, which isn’t necessarily true
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If you have a model that you cannot observe then you cannot do science on it (Ex: whether animals have souls)- limits of science- science is constantly changing because our way of observing is changing Terminology Hypothesis- an explanation for something which has not been tested (or only been tested a very few times) Theory- an explanation for something that has been tested
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Week 1 - Week 1 August 23 27 INTRODUCTION Scientific Method...

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