1.2 Acceleration a Formula - Function - Mini Project

1.2 Acceleration a Formula - Function - Mini Project -...

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Estimating Future Sales From Function to Equation to Formula Objectives [1.1] and [1.2] Name(s): 1. Using the question about accelerating sales (versions 1,2,3) make a list assigning a pneumonic letter (maybe using a subscript) to each quantity in the problem. Next to each letter write in English what it means in the context of the problem. Also indicate the units of each in ( ). In your list include a letter for the “output” of the computation and a letter for the name of the relationship( function). One of the letters you create above will need to be considered the “input” to this relationship. Which one makes the most sense ? In your list identify clearly the letters you chose for the output, input and relationship. Of course the rest will then be parameters! Example: m 1 number of the month of the first month given (month) 2. Now think of the steps in the computation you have been doing. Think of combining all the arithmetic of those steps into one step using the numbers but NOT doing the arithmetic. Now substitute the appropriate letters (you chose) for the numbers. Write your “computation formula” in full functional notation using the output and function name you chose above. On the next line turn it into an equation. The equation you just made is typically called a formula since it has no numbers only an output, input and parameters.
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B. Confirm the correctness of your formula by substituting in values version 2 and 3.
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1.2 Acceleration a Formula - Function - Mini Project -...

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