1.2 - Input and Output - Notes

1.2 - Input and Output - Notes - Objective [1.2]-Notes...

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Unformatted text preview: Objective [1.2]-Notes Identify the “input” and “output” to a functional relationship including all relevant vocabulary (e.g. independent and dependent variables, domain, range). In every relationship that is going to be modeled mathematically by a function there MUST be an INPUT to the relationship and an OUTPUT. To model the relationship properly and to communicate this properly requires that you identify or assign these roles to the two sets in the relationship. Further you must be able to take statements made in English and interpret them correctly (or write them correctly). Finally you should be familiar with all the additional words that are associated with or used in place of input and output so that when you see and hear them you know what they refer to. Ok consider this relationship as stated in English. There is a relationship between income and demand for iphones Can you identify the input and output? In English the convention is that the word or phrase after “between” and before “and” is the input, income What follows the “and” ,...
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1.2 - Input and Output - Notes - Objective [1.2]-Notes...

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