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Unformatted text preview: Objective [1.4]-Notes Choose symbols and write out functional notation for a “functional” relationship (i.e. function) Ok, so we have a business relationship. We have determined that it’s functional and has ordered sets of numbers for input and output (in other words it’s at least a “3” on the properties scale). It may turn out that we can’t algebraically model the re lationship but that doesn’t stop us from making a very important symbolic leap! We can associate symbols to stand in place of the verbose English of the input and output to the relationship (now a business functional relationship or just business function). Before continuing a point should be made. There are TWO functions we are talking about. One is the REAL world business functional relationship that doesn’t need math for it to exist and the mathematical function that we will end up using to model that REA L function. Many times we don’t make the distinction but it’s important to realize that REAL function....
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