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1.5 - Function in Tabular Form - Notes

1.5 - Function in Tabular Form - Notes -...

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Objective [1.5]-Notes Know and understand the rules for representing the data of a functional relationship in tabular and order pair forms. When we have some business functional relationship that we wish to model with an algebraic function we know that we will either be given some specific input/output pairs of that relationship or we will have to go find/collect them. A set of input/output pairs is commonly called DATA. When we say we “need to collect data” we need to go collect input/output pairs of the relationship if our intention is to quantitatively understand that relationship and hopefully to algebraically model it. An input/output pair has a math name. We called it an ordered pair. The “order” is that the first number in the pair must be an input and the second one the corresponding output. The pair should be enclosed in parentheses. If we represent a set of input/output pairs it is clearer and more convenient to put them in a table. The table could be 2 rows by as many columns as pairs or two columns by as many rows as pairs.
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