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Wikipedia: A Genuine H±G± Minus t²e Editors (ORIgInAlly pUblISHED In Te Ant²olo³y at t²e End of t²e Universe: Leadin³ Science Fiction Aut²ors on Dou³las Adams’ Te Hitc²²iker’s Guide to t²e Galaxy, EDITED by ±lEnn YEffETH AnD ²HAUnA CAUgHEy.) “M³STly ´ARµlESS” — A pHRASE S³ fUnny THAT ¶DAµS AcTUAlly TITlED A b³³k AfTER IT. ·³T THAT THERE’S A l³T ³f c³µEDy InHEREnT In TH³SE TW³ W³RDS: RATHER, THEy’RE THE pUncHlInE T³ A j³kE THAT Any³nE WH³’S EvER WRITTEn f³R pUblIcATI³n cAn REAlly gET bEHInD. F³RD ¸REfEcT, A RESEARcHER f³R Te Hitc²²iker’s Guide to t²e Galaxy, HAS bEEn STATI³nED ³n ¹ARTH f³R yEARS, pAInSTAkIngly c³µ- pIlIng An AUTH³RITATIvE, InSIgHTfUl EnTRy ³n ºERRAn gE³gRApHy, ScIEncE AnD cUlTURE, ExcERpTS fR³µ WHIcH AppEAR THR³UgH³UT THE H±G± b³³kS. ´IS EnTRy IµpR³vED Up³n THE ³lD ³nE, WHIcH n³TED THAT ¹ARTH WAS, SIµply, “´ARµlESS.” ´³WEvER, THE Guide HAS lIµITED SpAcE, AnD WHEn F³RD SUbµITS HIS EnTRy T³ HIS EDIT³RS, IT IS TRIµµED T³ fiT: “»HAT? ´ARµlESS? ¼S THAT All IT’S g³T T³ SAy? ´ARµlESS! OnE W³RD!” F³RD SHRUggED. “»Ell, THERE ARE A HUnDRED bIllI³n STARS In THE ±AlAxy, AnD ³nly A lIµITED Aµ³UnT ³f SpAcE In THE b³³k’S µIcR³- pR³cESS³RS,” HE SAID, “AnD n³ ³nE knEW µUcH Ab³UT THE ¹ARTH ³f c³URSE.” “»Ell f³R ±³D’S SAkE ¼ H³pE y³U µAnAgED T³ REcTIfy THAT A bIT.” 159 Content 2nd gal final.indd 159 7/4/08 9:57:23 AM
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160 cory doctorow “Oh Yes, Well I manageD T± TRansmiT a neW enTRY ±ff T± The eDiT±R. He haD T± TRim iT a biT, buT iT’s sTill an impR±vemenT.” “AnD WhaT D±es iT saY n±W?” askeD ARThuR. “M±sTlY haRmless,” aDmiTTeD F±RD WiTh a slighTlY embaRRasseD C±ugh. [fn: MY lifesTYle is as gYpsY anD fanCY-fRee as The ChaRaCTeRs in H2G2, anD as a ResulT mY C±pies ±f The ADams b±±ks aRe Th±usanDs ±f miles aWaY in sT±Rages in ±TheR C±unTRies, anD This essaY Was penneD ±n publiC TRansiT anD in Cheap h±Tel R±±ms in ²hile, B±sT±n, L±nD±n, Geneva, BRussels, BeRgen, Geneva (again), ³±R±nT±, EDinbuRgh, anD Helsinki. LuCkilY, I Was able T± D±Wnl±aD a D±DgY, Re-keYeD veRsi±n ±f The ADams b±±ks fR±m a peeR-T±- peeR neTW±Rk, WhiCh I aCCesseD via an ±pen WiReless neTW±Rk ±n a RanD±m sTReeT-C±RneR in an an±nYm±us CiTY, a faCT ThaT I n±Te heRe as TesTim±nY T± The p±WeR ±f The InTeRneT T± D± WhaT The Guide D±es f±R F±RD and ARThuR: puT all The inf±RmaTi±n I neeD aT mY fingeRTips, WheReveR I am. H±WeveR, These TexTs aRe a liTTle ±n The D±DgY siDe, as n±TeD, s± Y±u mighT WanT T± C±nfiRm These qu±Tes bef±Re, saY, uTTeRing Them bef±Re an ADams TRuefan.] AnD TheRe’s The hum±R: eveRY WRiTeR kn±Ws The pain ±f lab±Ring ±veR a pieCe f±R DaYs, infusing iT WiTh DiveRse inTeResTing faCT±iDs anD insighTs, ±nlY T± have iT CuT T± Ribb±ns bY s±me DisTanT eDiT±R.
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Doctorow_Reading - w iKiPedia: a GeNuiNe hg2g m iNus the...

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