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EdCC Scholarship Applications Instructions

EdCC Scholarship Applications Instructions - STARSOnline...

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STARS Online Scholarship Applications Instructions INSTRUCTIONS FOR STARS Online Application include the following: Important computer requirements Before you apply Personal Information Opening Questionnaire Academic Information Free Form Essay Questions Required Documents Recommended Scholarships/Scholarship Criteria/Eligibility Requirements Due Date: April 9 th by 4pm! No late exceptions!
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Important computer requirements Use Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (Version 7.0 is preferred) . Other web browsers do not support the STARS Online system. Allow pop‐ups on your computer. Enable cookies on your system. The first time you enter the STARS Online system, click “START HERE to create your account. If you have already created a log‐in in previous years, use that log‐in. If you cannot remember your log‐in, clck the forgot log‐in link or contact the Foundation office. After your initial registration, you will use your “User Name” and “Password” to log into STARS Online. Keep a record of your password so you can edit any previously entered information Before You Apply There is only 1 application. Your answers in the questionnaire will accurately determine which Foundation scholarships you are eligible for. Please be advised! Foundation staff CANNOT provide in‐depth assistance in completing the application because the staff awards the scholarships. We can provide some technical assistance and answer general questions.
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EdCC Scholarship Applications Instructions - STARSOnline...

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