Eng 102 Online- Fall 2010_ Syllabus_ Student Edition

Eng 102 Online- Fall 2010_ Syllabus_ Student Edition - Eng...

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“Writing does not shape a student’s education in one course or in one year. It is the cumulative practice and sustained instruction the gaining of expertise that gives students opportunities to participate in a world of ideas, first as novices and late r as experts.” (Nancy Sommers and Laura Saltz, The Novice as Expert: Writing, 147) My Goals for Students: To learn what an academic discourse community is, to learn what is required to successfully join this discourse, to learn how to think and write critically, and to realize that writing is an ongoing process of revision, rethinking, and revamping. Required Texts and Materials: 1. Signs of Life in the USA: Readings on Popular Culture for Writers, 6 th Edition . Sonia Maasik and Jack Solom on. Bedford/St. Martin‟s, 2009. 2. Researching and Writing: A Portable Guide with 2009 MLA Update. Marcia F. Muth Boston: Bedford/St. Martin‟s, 2009. 3. Blackboard Access: This is an online course. All course materials, assignments, announcements, and discussions will be posted on Blackboard. Blackboard needs to be checked daily during the week for announcements, etc. Catalogue Course Description: This course will focus on advanced analytic reading, writing, and discussion, the research process, and academic documentation, culminating in a major research paper. Especially suited for humanities and social science majors (was ENGL 205). Course Objectives: In this course, we will explore cultural studies through the lens of popular culture. The theoretical approach that this course will encourage you to use is that of semiotics (looking at signs and decoding their meanings) and ideological criticism (analyzing the ways in which cultural practices and artifacts reinforce particular beliefs and positions for their users). The editors of Signs of Life advocate semiotics as a relevant approach to looking critically and analytically at pop culture; thus, you will learn how to decode „signs‟ and perform a critique of Fall 2010 Instructor: Desirée Holter Email: [email protected] ***Please email me with any questions*** Blackboard Postings are Required on: Wednesdays and Fridays Eng 102 Online: Composition II Pop Culture: Studying America’s Entertainment
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your own. This course will introduce you to various elements of popular culture such as television, music, internet, video games and will explore the influences that these elements have on the viewer and larger culture as a whole. You will look beyond pop culture as a venue for entertainment and will learn to understand the larger implications of the ideologies, stereotypes, and cultural influences of this genre. This course will also give you a foundation from which to conduct academic research. In order to give additional context and support for the claims that you will make and pursue in your academic research paper, you will learn how to conduct research of your own and to compile findings in one polished essay. English 102 serves to help you develop and advance your skills in thinking and analysis
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Eng 102 Online- Fall 2010_ Syllabus_ Student Edition - Eng...

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