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ESL_Transfer_Scholarship - IESL Transfer Scholarships...

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Macintosh HD:Users:npaslavs:Documents:Microsoft User Data:Saved Attachments:IESL Transfer Application.doc IESL Transfer Scholarships *** *** INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM The Edmonds Community College (EdCC) IESL Transfer Scholarship is a competitive scholarship open to currently enrolled Intensive ESL (IESL) international students who plan to return for full-time enrollment in the College/High School Completion programs for the following quarter. A $200 tuition waiver will be awarded to two students per quarter for Fall, Winter and Spring . Students must be an F1 visa holder , and must be enrolled in IESL at EdCC with a 3.5 grade point in each level 5 class in the most current quarter(s) The following items must be submitted: completed scholarship application form unofficial transcript from the currently enrolled quarter copy of registration schedule printout for the following quarter one page essay stating your educational goals at EdCC All required documents should be submitted at the same time to the ISS. We recommend that you make a copy
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