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Feedback about lectures Acct 201 W10

Feedback about lectures Acct 201 W10 - know exactly about...

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Students Feedback About class 1: Write six things that work for you very well and your recommendations for next quarter students a Divide in small group work and solve the problem effectively b The wileyplus is very helpful and help the student to practice easily c The review and feedback for 2 chapter helps me to review what I have learnt in last Chapter and prepare for new chapter d The instructor is very comfortable and helps the student to understand well e The text book is instructed very well and we can read as well as practice easily f This class is very useful and helpful because it provide much practical information and you can apply it for your future job. 2: Comments on text book and Wily Plus (how you used the resource, what you liked, found awkward, etc.) The text book is constructed well with many practical problems for each chapter. The illustration is very various about the operation of many company so that the students can
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Unformatted text preview: know exactly about what the companies do in recording their figures in accounting department. Whenever I got stuck in some problems, I can find the instruction easily in the text book. The Wiley Plus is very useful because it provides the content of text book chapter with practical problems so we can practice and also know the solution as well as the book resource for those problems. 3: Comments on teaching: Things you like: The way you helps the students to solve the book problem The PowerPoint you provide in class is helpful with illustration The distribution of teacher every day is sufficient. Working with partners also give me many benefits Things you suggest: The instructor should speak slower. The wileyplus should change because it often logged out while I were doing homework....
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