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ss midterm study guide fall 07

ss midterm study guide fall 07 - Introduction to the...

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Introduction to the History of Human Rights Spring 2007 Midterm Study Guide Identification Terms: You should be familiar with the following terms and understand how they relate to the topics we have covered so far this semester. Be sure to include details like who, what, where, when, and MOST importantly why it is significant. IDs should be four or five sentences long. Religious Universalism Franz Bernheim W.E.B DuBois FR Rights of Man & Citizen Atlantic Charter Positive Law self determination UN Security Council Natural Law national sovereignty UDHR Positive Rights Bolshevik Revolution Gulag Negative Rights League of Nations Virginia Gildersleeve Raphael Lemkin Militaristic nationalism bourgeois Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit Mahatma Gandhi Chung Sho Lo Genocide Convention Hiroshima 14 Points Bricker Amendment Essay/Short Answer topics: As you prepare for the midterm, think broadly about the following subject areas. Be
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