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Unformatted text preview: Admission is a two-step process: ELIGIBILITY and SELECTION. ELIGIBILITY Transfer students must meet UC eligibility requirements, detailed in any UC General Catalog or in Introducing the University or Answers for Transfers online at: universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions SELECTION TRANSFER ADMISSION TRANSFER ADMISSION DATA FOR FALL 2010* (APPROXIMATE): Applications: 15,112 Admitted: Fall: 3,456 Spring: 467 Range of GPAs: 3.61-3.97 (middle 50 percent of students on a 4.0 scale) Berkeley’s transfer students embody a variety of  socioeconomic, cultural and geographic backgrounds,  enriching the campus with a wide array of talents  and personal experiences. The following information  will guide you through the admission process. Because more transfer students apply to our campus than we can admit, Berkeley’s selection criteria exceed the UC eligibility requirements. We admit applicants primarily on the basis of academic performance and preparation, as assessed by a review of: • GPA • Completion of freshman/sophomore prerequisite courses for the intended major and/or college breadth requirements • Grade trends We also consider: • Demonstrated interest in the major, an important considera tion for all applicants • Personal qualities such as leadership or motivation • Extracurricular accomplishments • Employment • Potential contribution to the intellectual and cultural vitality of the campus We review all information, both academic and non-academic/personal, in the context of each student’s individual circumstances. To be competitive, present an academic profile with strong grades that includes preparation for your intended major/college. Junior transfer admission is limited to students who will have completed a minimum of 60 UC- transferable semester units by the end of spring term prior to fall admission and have a competitive GPA. • Most programs will not offer admission to students with excess units, i.e., more than 80 UC- transferable semester units before enrollment. • EXCEPTION: If all coursework was completed at a two-year college, this excess unit policy does not apply. Plan to: • Obtain information on all requirements on ASSIST at assist.org. ASSIST lists Berkeley requirements and the California community college courses approved as satisfying those requirements. If you are applying from a school other than a California community college, select UC Berkeley and then any community college from the pull-down menu on ASSIST. You will then have access to Berkeley requirements; take comparable courses at your school. By the end of the spring term prior to fall admission you must: • Complete 60 transferable semester units • Complete courses for the major • Complete general education requirements....
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12626_5.Info_TransAdm - Admission is a two-step process...

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