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ASL 121 Syllabus - ASL& 121: Introduction to American...

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ASL& 121: Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) Fall 2010 1 of 7 Lecture: A: MTWTh 12:30-1:30 (MLT 214) Instructor: Valerie Sultan B: TTh 1:40-3:50 (MUK 217) Email: Credits: 5 Phone: x 7270 Final Exam: A: Wednesday, Dec. 8 at 11:30a Office: MLT 107 B: Wednesday Dec. 8 at 1:30p Office Hours: By appointment Course Description/Objectives: This course serves as an introduction to American Sign Language (ASL). Students will be introduced to fundamental vocabulary, grammar and conversational skills, with a focus on ASL constructions and use. Emphasis will be placed on culturally appropriate behaviors to establish and maintain social relationships. Instruction will include frequent small group and large group activities. This course is intended for students who have not previously studied ASL. During this course, students will gain an appreciation and respect for ASL as a living, unique and vibrant language. Students will also have an appreciation and respect for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf/Blind people as a community with their own set of cultural traditions, norms and values by being introduced to the history, culture and current issues of the Deaf community. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Use basic vocabulary, grammar, and culturally appropriate behavior regarding the Deaf community. (OC, CD) 2. Employ basic receptive and expressive skills. (OC) 3. Define and discuss key aspects of the history, culture, and current issues affecting the Deaf community. (GI, OC, WC) Course Materials: The required textbooks that have been selected for this course are:
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ASL& 121: Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) Fall 2010 2 of 7 Signing Naturally Student Workbook/DVDs, Units 1-6 by Smith, Lentz and Mikos (Dawn Sign Press, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-58121-210- 5) For Hearing People Only, Third Edition by Moore and Levitan (Deaf Life Press, 2010, ISBN: 0-9634016-3-7) Although much of the homework will be from the above texts, most of the in-class work will be taken from MasterASL! Level One by Zinza (Sign Media, Inc., 2006, ISBN: 1-881133-20-6). This class is also supplemented with an online Blackboard site. The syllabus, announcements, links to class resources, tests, and other information might be available on the on the Blackboard class site. You can use your own computer or a computer on campus. There are 400 computers on the Edmonds CC campus available for students. See and for the location of campus computers. For more information about Blackboard, visit . Grading Breakdown:
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ASL 121 Syllabus - ASL& 121: Introduction to American...

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