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Class_Instructions_1 - Welcome to Philosophy 106 Online...

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Welcome to Philosophy 106 Online! Dear Students: This is a long document but please take time to read through it carefully as it will answer most of your questions regarding this course. It is critical to your success in logic class and you’ll find useful tidbits throughout! I’m offering an extra credit quiz based on this handout, so be sure to complete it by midnight on Friday, April 9 th ! Introduction My name is Shannon Grace Werre and I’m your instructor for this online logic adventure. I’m here to help you navigate through one of the most interesting courses you will ever take. I’m in my 10th year of teaching at Edmonds Community College. I moved here in 2000 from Anchorage where I taught at the University of Alaska for several years. I teach logic online every single quarter at EdCC. Beyond logic, I've also taught a variety of English courses here at Edmonds. I’m teaching a brand new online ethics course (Phil 110) this spring too! Mad addictions: travel, long walks, photography, playing my ukulele and board/card games. My husband and I also have a web design/development business that keeps us busy as we both work from home in lovely downtown Edmonds. This course deals with the seemingly unfamiliar. The first time you open the textbook, you may be slightly intimidated by the different syntax and symbols. Yet once the material is deciphered and the language becomes less foreign, I believe you will find that it is actually much simpler than you previously thought and many of you might even find it quite fun! Getting Started Purchase your textbook ASAP and double check that it is the correct one for this online course: A Concise Introduction to Logic by Patrick P. Hurley, 10 th Edition. Are there any other options besides purchasing a book? There are several options! You can purchase e-chapters only at $8.99 each through the publisher’s website: ( http://www.CengageBrain.com ). Since you can download chapter 1 for free, you’ll only need to purchase chapters 6 & 7. You can rent a physical textbook for the quarter through the publisher or through a textbook rental website like www.Chegg.com . You can also purchase a used textbook online or from a former student (through Craigslist, etc.). Can I use an earlier edition? No, only the 10 th edition is acceptable for this course. Do I really need the CD-ROM? No. You can complete this course without the CD-ROM, but it is a nice bonus for those who desire more than the textbook and video lectures. What if I don’t have my textbook yet?
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If you have not yet gotten your textbook due to financial aid or other reasons, you can download the first chapter of our 10 th edition textbook for free at https://www.cengagebrain.com/tl1/en/US/storefront/ichapters?cmd= catProductDetail &ISBN=978-0-495- 80018-7 . Just click on “Free Stuff” and follow the instructions there. You can also go to the campus library and use the copy on reserve there. Blackboard
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Class_Instructions_1 - Welcome to Philosophy 106 Online...

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